Thursday, February 9, 2012

Past Creations

The last two weeks have been hectic with interviews for graduate programs so I haven't had much time to work on any projects. I do want to start on my McKenna Ryan kit that hubs got me for Christmas... two years ago. Can we say slacker?? It just loooooove all the pretty colors.

So, to tide you over while I get the courage to start cutting my batiks for the applique kit (first time too!), I give you pictures of my favorite projects!

This was made from two Bali Pops. I got the idea from a picture on a blog and designed my own pattern. This picture doesn't do the quilt any justice do to poor lighting, but there are some black pinwheels in there as well as a few on the outer border. I love my browns!

The Man Quilt. Hubs is a geography fanatic so when I saw the tan fabric with ships and maps on it, I couldn't resist buying the accompaniments. And what better pattern than Storm at Sea for a nautical map quilt?

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