Friday, March 2, 2012


I feel a lot about sewing or quilting is based on knowing your machine. If you don't know how to thread it properly, use the right needle, stitch, or tension, you're not going to have a finished project. Well, you'll have something, but I'm not sure anyone will know what exactly it's supposed to be.

With that said, I have decided that my Bernina needs a name. I know her inside and out, but still don't know her name and that just feels... wrong, almost as if we've been having one-night stands for the last last 5 years. She puts up with my crazy ideas, lets me use her as I wish, and I thank her after a job well done. But she's more than a one-nighter... she listens to my frustrations, lets me toss around ideas with her, and has remained faithful to me even though I wander off and use her sister, the Bernina 180 every once in a while. So, she deserves a name so we can establish a more fulfilling relationship and not seem so touch and go.

Does anyone else have a name for their machine or talk to it? Any good name ideas out there?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mustache Bill?

So, I'm sitting here browsing the local news and this is what I find:

BALTIMORE -- An interesting -- and hairy -- plan for a tax break for some Americans is causing some controversy in the U.S. Congress.

Baltimore fell in love with the mustache this winter when Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco began sporting a Fu Manchu, spawning "Fanstashe Fever" across Ravens nation.

Now, the American Mustache Institute wants Congress to approve The Stache Act, a $250 tax deduction for men who keep their facial hair in shape. The act has been forwarded to the House Ways and Means Committee.

"I'm totally for this. I could use that," one Marylander told 11 News reporter Kate Amara.

The AMI initially claimed mustache-clad Maryland Republican Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, who is in a tough re-election fight, was a supporter.

But the AMI and the Associated Press then said Bartlett's office back-tracked, saying, "For the record, Roscoe is pro-stache, but he does not believe Americans should pay for people's personal grooming decisions."

11 News has not heard directly from Bartlett for comment.

The AMI said its fight to defend mustache maintenance will continue.

What do you think? I think this bill is absolutely absurd! Who would even think to have a mustache bill... or that there's such thing as the American Mustache Institute??